The purest Zinc and
Zinc-Aluminum Wires in the World for thermal spraying

Our know-how and experience for your benefit

We have developed a unique way to produce zinc wires and alloy wires. Long-term cooperation with customers around the world has coached us to serve customers according to their needs. In addition we have resolutely paid attention to reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Products

We use only the best and purest raw materials in all of our products. What you put in is what you get out. 

Our ZN purity level is over 99,995 %
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Zinc Wires

Finnish special high grade zinc wire for use in surface treatment technology and anti-corrosion and end spraying in capacitor technology.

Alloy Wires

ZnAl alloy thermal spraying  gives the steel made objects a high corrosion protection against various environmental impacts.

The advantages of Vertic thermal spraying:

Choose the purest, get the best results and reduce your carbon footprint

Research ensures
high quality

We supply with high quality products based on research. We attach an analysis certificate that shows the exact alloy composition of the product in question in every delivery of zinc alloy wire.


We are part of
International Zinc Association.

Building a world where zinc is recognized as sustainable and essential for modern life.