Steel Protection

Corrosion is a challenge for many industries, such as the marine industry, railways, wind farms, automotive, oil, gas and petrochemical industries, and civil engineering. In fact, steel needs protection in most environments.

The optimized solution is metallization with zinc or zinc-aluminum wire, which is much better for steel than any other corrosion protection system. Zinc or zinc- aluminum coating provides cathodic protection and also has a physical barrier.

Using the purest zinc wires in thermal spraying gives a perfect metal coating and optimal corrosion protection.

Metallising is a process subject to the ISO 2063 STANDARD, which consists of melting metal in wire or powder form inside a flame or electric arc spraying gun, and of spraying it molten using compressed air, over steel stripped beforehand with abrasive jets.

Zinc sprayed in this way, instantaneously solidifies in contact with the steel surface, and forms a zinc coating. Anti-corrosion protection is thus immediate. Adding a sealer is recommended though, since the metal coating is slightly porous.

The Advantages

Electrical stability

In the electronics industry, electrical conductivity and its stability are important properties in the manufacture of fine electronics.

Using Vertic wires the spray pattern is smooth and electrical behavior stable. That is why Vertic wires are accepted by all major capacitor brands.

In highly automated electronics industry flawless spray wire is very important , that is why Vertic wires are accepted in all major brands

All major capacitor brands in the electronic industry rely on Vertic Wires

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