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Alloy Wires

Vertic Alloy wires are manufactured of Special High Grade Zinc 99,995 % and alloy elements meeting the relevant standards.

Our alloy product range includes alloys ZnAl15, ZnAl4, ZnAl2, Zinc Manganese and other alloys are available on request. The standard diameters of the wire are 1,2 - 6,4 mm (according to EN ISO 14919:2001). Other diameters are available according to the customers needs. Vertic alloy wires are available in spools, coils or drums.

Zinc Aluminium Alloy Wires

Flexible quantities, a variety of diameters and a range of available ZnAl alloy wires.

The zinc aluminum alloy wires that we produce are suitable for arc and flame spraying processes. ZnAl alloy thermal spraying , e.g., gives the steel made objects a high corrosion protection against various environmental impacts. ZnAl wires are well known for their ease of machinability, which is why they are also used in the welding and soldering sector.


"An alloy of 85% zinc and 15% aluminum provides steel with optimum protection against corrosion."

ZnAl Alloy wires are used in cathodic corrosion protection for steel structures such as bridges, fences, dam gates and windmills. Zinc alloy wire sprayed coatings are integral steps in manufacturing of various electronic, capacitor, automotive, heat exchanger and tube and pipe products. In addition the product is also used in the corrosion protection of gas cylinders, tanks, boat trailers, other marine equipment and iron pipes.

Metallurgical characteristics
   ZnAl15  ZnAl4  ZnAl2
 Zn/Al %  85/15  96/4  98/2
 Density g/cm3  5,73  6,70  6,91
 Melting interval °C  382–450  382–387  382–407

Advantages of using ZnAl alloy wire

Optimal protection against salt

ZnAl15 is a product, which consists of 85% zinc and 15% aluminum by weight. It creates the optimum corrosion resistance against sodium chloride (salt), sulfur dioxide in marine environments.

Best for spraying

ZnAl4 and ZnAl2 are used as a coating sprayed onto steel. The alloy produces a coating with the best anti corrosion characteristics of both metals for optimum corrosion protection along with many uses as a solder wire.

Long lasting protection

Thermal spraying with ZnAl15 can be easily applied to a properly blasted surface up to a 0,5 mm thickness in just one
application. The coating is dry on contact allowing sealers and/or topcoats to be applied immediately when specified. One application can last over 15 years without the need for maintenance.