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Zinc Ball Anodes

Innovative, environmentally friendly production system of zinc ball anodes.

Vertic Zinc Wire is globally known for upward continuous casting of zinc wire and rod. The production route is short since the cast product is already close to the final diameter. The new environmentally friendly zinc ball for zinc electroplating is manufactured from the cast zinc rod by compression after the casting process. The method is extremely efficient and generating no scrap. The innovative combination of casting and compression process enables low energy consumption.

"Using Vertic zinc ball anodes in zinc electroplating causes less impact on the environment 
since the amount of impurities is nearly zero."

Product details

Diameter 30 mm 40 mm 50 mm
Weight 269 g 358 g 448 g
Packing unit 25 kg 25 kg 25 kg
Pallet 1 000 kg 1 000 kg 1 000 kg

Vertic zinc ball anodes contain less impurities. The amount of lead and cadmium are below suggested values. Logistical solutions are chosen to minimize the environmental impact. Zinc ball anodes are packed in 25 kg units and 1 000 kg pallets rationalizing the logistics.

Metallurgical characteristics
  Pb Cd Fe Sn Cu
nominal < 0,003 < 0,003 < 0,002 < 0,001 < 0,001
typical 0,0012 0,0002
0,0002 0,0001 0,0003


7,14 g/cm3
Electrical conductivity 0,166  106 /cm Ω


Advantages of using Vertic Zinc Ball Anodes


Vertic zinc ball anode is produced from zinc rod by compression. That guarantees the symmetric and dimensionally precise form of the ball. Furthermore, no releasing lubricants are needed in the process.


Vertic Zinc Wire accepts only Special High Grade Zinc +99,995 % virgin ingots in production of zinc rod, which ensures the purest zinc ball anodes.


Since the amount of impurities is minimized less environmental impact is left from customer’s process. The innovative combination of casting and compression process enables low energy consumption.


Vertic Zinc Wire is near you, in an optimal distance. Logistical solutions minimize the environmental impact.