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Research ensures high quality

We have promised our customers to supply them with high quality products. To meet our customers’ expectations we have

invested in a metal analyser for zinc and zinc alloys, which supports our research and development activities. We attach

an analysis certificate that shows the exact alloy composition of the product in question in every delivery of zinc alloy wire.


Analysis of Zinc and Its Alloys with our analyzer

Our analyzer equipment is a hybrid system employing both PMT and CCD detection technology.

This leads to improved performance in terms of accuracy, reproducibility as well as short- and

long- term stability for the analysis of zinc and its alloys. The analyzer provides also other advantages, such as:

  • The lowest detection limits and fastest analysis times

  • Using the advanced read-out system in combination with the new plasma generator.

  • SAFT (Spark Analysis For Traces) is used to reduce interelement (impurities?) effects to a minimum.

  • The variable plasma observation and, frequently, newer spectral line selections result in higher accuracy and precision of the measurements

  • SSE (Single Spark Evaluation) yields fast detection of any potentially harmful inclusion populations in the sample.



Our expertise gained already in second generation in metal manufacturing have enabled us to offer a range of zinc products leading to our continued growth and success.


Quality and R&D

Our modern technology guarantees the high standards of quality. The pure product is ensured and due to the very best Virgin 
Special High Grade Zinc ingots.


Long-term partnership

Our customer have trusted us for decades. 
We offer our customers only the highest 
quality with low energy consumption and carbon footprint.