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Our clients find Vertic 
a trustworthy company.

Vertic Zinc Wire is a Finnish family-owned company exporting first class zinc products globally. 
They are the purest and cleanest in the world. Using our zinc ball anodes in zinc electroplating 
causes less impact on the environment since the amount of impurities is nearly zero.

What can Vertic offer for your company?

Our zinc products are the purest and cleanest in the world. We offer our customers only the highest quality with low energy consumption and carbon footprint. Now in the second generation our expertise gained in metal manufacturing have enabled us to offer a range of zinc products leading to our continued growth and success.

The technology Vertic uses is continuous vertical casting developed by our former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Timo Lohikoski. Our up to date technology guarantees the high standards of quality, and as we use only the very best Virgin Special High Grade Zinc (Zn>99,995%) ingots, the pure product is ensured.

Vertic works are located in Pori, a city in western Finland.  One of the most important harbours in Finland, Mäntyluoto, is located only ca. 20 km from Vertic Works. We ship most of our products around the world from Mäntyluoto.

Our prices are following the Zn LME-prices and currency rates. Please ask for a quotation!