Zinc Wires

Top quality (High Grade) in all common diameters and packaging for the flame- & arc-spray process

Only Special High Grade Zinc +99,995 % virgin ingots are accepted to guarantee the high purity, trouble free operation and high conductivity surface.

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Key benefits

Chemical composition %

nominal< 0,003< 0,003< 0,002< 0,001< 0,001
typical 0,00120,00020,00020,00010,0003

Physical characteristics

Density7,14 g/cm3
Melting point419,6 °C
Boiling point907 °C
Electrical conductivity0,166 106 /cm Ω
Thermal conductivity1,16W/cmK
Tensile strength N/mm2< 100 (±5)100-120 (±5) > 120 (±5)
Elongation at rupture60–100 %40–80 %30–60 %


Hard paper barrel


Plastic spool

Zinc in coils and hard paper barrels are mainly used for the flame spray process, while for arc spraying 1,6 mm, 2,0 mm, 2,3 mm and 2,5 mm in barrel and on plastic spools are prevalent. Adequate quantities provided, other forms of packaging can be made upon request. E.g. steel barrels of 450 kg.


Our prices are following the Zn LME-prices and currency rates.

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