Research ensures high quality

We supply with high quality products based on research. We attach an analysis certificate that shows the exact alloy composition of the product in question in every delivery of zinc alloy wire.

We have been in metallurgical industry since 1960’s developing and supplying continuous casting machinery for non-ferrous industry.

Since 1994 we have focused on Zinc based alloys technology. With our production system the carbon footprint is clearly lower than competitors. Also the wire quality is the first amongst equals.

We have a separte installation for product development which is used with our own development work and also available to our customers product development usage.

Know-how since 1960

Our expertise gained already in second generation in metallurgy.

The very best raw material

What you put in is what you get out.
Our ZN purity level is over 99,995 %

We are part of
International Zinc Association.

Building a world where zinc is recognized as sustainable and essential for modern life.